The times are HARD! Well, in our region they are HARDER than usual.

We are going through all types of crises and facing new challenges going from armed conflicts to corruption, to economic crisis… while still struggling with a global pandemic that put the world on hold for years! Women and girls are at the heart of these struggles, their “vulnerabilities” made worse by the challenging circumstances!

However, it is precisely in these times of doubt that we need to push for a positive change and to commit to our struggle in fighting for justice societies where all feminist principles and human rights are respected. This is what we believe. this is what we hope for, and this is why it is with deep pride that we introduce you to our own silver lining, our:


NO2TA is the Feminist Lab, where we will be cooking potions and experimenting with formulas to shake the patriarchal status quo that has been weighing on our lives as women and girls for too long.

This is the coming together of creative Women, Feminists, and overall activists, to research, analyze and produce critical knowledge and pave the way for behavioral and legal changes, and structural systemic transformations.

We are here to dot the “ I” s, put ends to wrongs and initiate new beginnings. And we invite you to join our efforts in this new adventure.

NO2TA team