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About No2ta
About No2ta

About No2ta

NO2TA is a feminist lab initiated and run by a group of women and feminists working in the media and creative production fields with remarkable experience in feminist knowledge production networking, training, and campaigning.

NO2TA (full stop in Arabic) aims to put an end to gender injustice and patriarchy focusing on social behavioral change approaches and creating feminist media production and tools and disseminating feminist knowledge in the MENA region. NO2TA will work to positively influence attitudes and behaviors and hence social norms.

NO2TA means dot or period “.”

  • NO2TA represents all the” I “s we will be dotting, when it comes to feminism and Gender related issues, bringing our knowledge and expertise to the table sharing knowledge and making information accessible to women, girls and their advocates inclusively.
  • NO2TA represents the full stop period. The one that puts an end to the patriarchal discourse and the constant meddling in our efforts to help create a just society where girls and women are not left behind. No2ta is our way of stopping those who try to put a halt on our struggle to get our rights, all our rights recognized and fulfilled.
  • NO2TA represents the center point of new beginnings. It is the hope for those who having suffered at the hand of patriarchy, who now have the chance to change the narrative by telling their own stories and create a new future away from discrimination. No2ta is our own beginning as a transformed media that breaks gender stereotypes and works to positively influence attitudes and behaviors and hence social norms.


  • Dotting the I’s and cross the T’s when it comes to media and feminist productions. We aim to utilize our knowledge and expertise on gender justice issues and produce innovative feminist knowledge and media products.
  • Creating a safe space for women and girls and empower them with tools to regain control of their narrative, their bodies, their dreams and personal stories. We aim to adopt an intersectional lens where cross-cutting issues will be dissected, and we will highlight those who have suffered from discrimination and oppression of the patriarchal system.
  • Using our creative feminist productions to influence attitudes and behaviours and overall social norms.
  • Bridging the gap between academic work and multi-media work by transforming heavy academic knowledge into easily digestible and accessible products.
  • Providing alternatives for the current gender-blind media content and have a clear political stand by producing our own work as well as working with other organizations.


We envision a world where transformed feminist media and knowledge is one of the main players in achieving gender equality and consequently social justice.

NO2TA Partners


Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is the oldest political foundation in Germany with a rich tradition in social democracy dating back to its foundation in 1925.

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Doria Feminist Fund

The Doria Feminist Fund seeks to create a feminist ecosystem where the new generation of feminist movement in the MENA region has access to more and better funding and resources.

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